ACP Workshop – Demonstration of Watercolour on Acid Free Tissue Paper, March 2

Demonstration of Watercolour on Acid Free Tissue Paper
Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 from 9:30am to 3:30pm 
Carleton Place Arena, 2nd floor (limited to 15 participants)
ACP Member Cost: $50 (Non-members welcome, Cost: $60)

Monique Huneault, FOWS, will be giving a demonstration of watercolour on Acid Free Tissue Paper. The workshop includes all the steps that go into producing an artwork e.g. painting, drying times, gluing and so on.  Monique will also be discussing colours and showing how no two artists will see the same ‘scene’ in a painted tissue. This is a highly recommended workshop for all members not familiar with this art form or curious about how to ‘see into the abstract’ and the bonus is that being watercolour, clean-up is easy….just soap and water.  You will need to bring a notebook, your lunch and your questions.  Monique will be providing handouts.