Victoria Jenkins      Magical Mud Pottery and a commitment to working with clay

From an early age, Victoria Jenkins was always drawing, painting and making sculptures of people and places around her.  Among the art classes she frequently attended was one in Ottawa where she first tried pottery.  One thing led to another, resulting in a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at University of Regina in 1981.  It was there that her initial interest in painting turned to a commitment to working with clay.

Victoria Jenkins

She set up a studio, Magical Mud Pottery, after returning to Ottawa, and began a continuing exploration of the myriad possibilities that clay offers. Ongoing workshops, conferences and study provided new knowledge and further challenges.

Her work includes housewares, planters, urns, sinks, murals and a range of animal and figure sculptures.  These incorporate influences from nature and a cheerful sense of humor.

She showed at Ottawa Guild of Potters sales for 30 years, and in local galleries and shops.  She also shared her growing knowledge with students in classes for many years.

It was fun and exciting.  But heavy lifting and carrying was becoming too much.  Time for a change.  Victoria began working with air dry clay last spring.  Finished products are strong and durable.  No glazing or firing is needed.  It can be used for small, detailed items that are colorful and light weight.  Recent work focuses on wearable art.  Pendants, brooches and earrings form a group called “My Indoor Garden”.  She has more ideas than can ever become finished pieces, and a revived zest to “make”.  There is joy in creating them, and she believes you will enjoy wearing them.

You can see her work in Carleton Place at Surrounding Memories, 77 Bridge Street.

Studio visits are welcome by appointment.  
Phone: 613 257 2588

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