Shannon Campeau     capturing the beauty of her surroundings

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Shannon’s passion for capturing the beauty of landscapes and wildlife began at an early age.  While camping as a teen with a friend and her family she took a photograph of a sunset on Lake Huron.  After getting it developed, she was very pleased with her work and realized she enjoyed pairing her love for the outdoors with her newfound hobby.  Little did she know, that photograph was the beginning of a long term hobby much later budding into an aspiring career.  For years she travelled and took photos for herself and her family to enjoy, but decided she would love to share her work with others.  She began Reflect Photography as a way to share this work and has been building her presence in the local art communities.

Shannon Campeau

Shannon enjoys many different forms of photography and has taken photos of a surprise proposal, weddings, family photos, maternity and even cannatography (cannabis photography) but her main passion is getting outside, exploring and soaking in nature and capturing the natural beauty of her surroundings. 

“One day’s exposure to mountains is better than cartloads of books. See how willingly Nature poses herself upon photographers’ plates. No earthly chemicals are so sensitive as those of the human soul. All that is required is exposure, and purity of material.”   John Muir