The following is a list of Arts Carleton Place members who will have a booth in this years sale.  Members with a ‘gallery page’ on this website have their name linked to their page.

Surrounding Memories
CP Singers
Donna Baskin
Therese Boisclair
Barbara Buchanan
Karen Burton
Jane Cass
John Chamney
Laura Costello
Chris Drake
Colleen Gray
Leah Hicks
John Hulsemann
Victoria Jenkins
Strachan Johnson
Barbara Jordon
Laurette Lafleur
Douglas Laing
MJ Lancaster
Kathy Lavender
Susan Leslie
Meredith Luce
Jo-Ann MacLaurin – JM Pottery
Kathryn Makinson
Gilly Marston
Sarah Moffat
Gwen Pappas
Natasha Peterson
Pat Purdy
Monique Renaud
Cheryl Snair
Susan Walters
Donna Wiegand