Karen Burton     trying new techniques and still loving every minute!

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Karen’s interest in arts and crafts started when she was quite young.  She grew up in the Valley on a farm and was surrounded by nature and beauty.  From painting rocks, to picking and arranging wildflowers in vases for her Mom, to handing a project in to school completely done on birch bark; creativity flourished.  Her Dad was a carpenter and to her, it seemed he could build anything.  Her Mom loved to bake, knit, make quilts and sew and this inspired her to be creative.  As well, there was always plenty of scrap material and ribbon around, so why not make doll clothes on her little electric sewing machine that Santa brought her; and she did.  

Karen Burton

Leaving home at 18, finding a job and just settling in to a city, took some time and being creative seemed far away.  After a few years she found her true love and married a firefighter who worked shift work.  Finding the time long, she needed a hobby.  With many nights on her hands, she started doing a variety of crafts to fill in the time.  Karen then progressed to working with a scroll saw where she cut Christmas ornaments out of wood; sanding and then hand painting them.  She enjoyed painting these small items a great deal but was somewhat hesitant to try painting an actual picture; how did you even begin?  It was her sister who inspired her to try painting on canvas.  With some guidance from both her sister and Jerry Yarnell, an instructional artist who had a 1/2 hour painting show on television at the time, she bought a couple of books and the paints Jerry suggested to start painting and tried her hand at it. 

She is still painting after eight years, still learning and trying new techniques and still loving every minute!

Contact Karen by email at: stkaburton@icloud.com