President – Suzanne  Deschênes
Treasurer – Danielle Barabé-Bussières
Memberships – Monique Huneault
Social Media – Pamela Stewart

The Board

Spring & Fall Show Co-ordinator – Suzanne Deschênes
Art-In-Public-Places – Susan Gray
Bursary Program
– Lee Thirlwall
Workshops – Kathy Makinson
Ad-Hoc – Laurette Lafleur
Ad-Hoc – Carolyn Buchanan
Ad-Hoc – Janet Beath
Ad-Hoc – Nancy Higham
Ad-Hoc – Anne Forsythe
Ad-Hoc – April Judson
Ad-Hoc – Stephanie Stevens

Non-Board General Volunteers

Webmaster – Gilly Marston
Newsletter – Scott Crossley
Assistant Show Co-ordinator – Lise Sanderson

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The organization is always looking for members to fill a vacant position or volunteer in other ways.  To volunteer for a vacant position see our Volunteering page.