Acrylic Flow Art Workshops With CLAIRE JACOBS – Sept 8th, 1-4pm

Come experience a stress free connection with gravity, unpredictability, a little mesmerizing magic and meet kindred folk spanning generations; have a great afternoon and go home with your own personal masterpiece(s). Types of pours demonstrated, flow recipes, creating cells, fixing pour problems, cleaning/sealing your paintings, guided DIY.

When:   SEPTEMBER 8, 2019, 1-4PM
Cost:     $50 / person

No art experience or drawing skills needed
Extensive selection of quality paint colours
2-8×10 or 1-16×20 canvas (other sizes available)

SIGN UP via email:
Or phone: 613-850-3920
View flow art paintings at:


Link to workshop PDF: Acrylic Flow Art Workshop

Workshop Registration

Registering for the workshop is a 2-step process

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     b/ (costs us a fee) Credit Card – Not available at this time.

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‘WORKSHOP’ is meant to include hands-on workshops, discussion groups or demonstration of techniques.  
Details of each workshop are listed below with a signup link.  Workshops will be run on a cost-recovery basis to keep the cost as low as possible for members. 

Members looking to participate in a workshop on a topic of interest to them, as well as members willing to give a workshop on a technique, please contact ACP at  We will attempt to find matches via members of the association or go looking for instructors from around the region.

Scheduled Workshops

Personal Patchwork – Hand Sewn Patchwork Blanket / Wall Hanging / Fabric Collage
When:      Sat & Sun, September 14th & 15th
Beaver House Gallery, 1147 Ferguson Rd, Beckwith Township
       $110 for members; $125 for non-members
By:  Vanessa Coplan


Piecemeals – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
     Sat & Sun, October 19th & 20th
Location:  Beaver House Gallery, 1147 Ferguson Rd, Beckwith Township
Cost:        $110 for members; $125 for non-members
By:  Vanessa Coplan


Creating Your Life, Living Your Art; helping you connect the dots
Sat, November 16th
Beaver House Gallery, 1147 Ferguson Rd, Beckwith Township
$70 for members; $85 for non-members
By:  Vanessa Coplan

1-day WORKSHOP (supplies not included) 
This workshop explores the connection between art and life; the symbiotic relationship between being and making.  We will work through a variety of exercises that encourage thinking outside the box, loosening up, playing.  We will draw, collage, write , work to music, and close with a around  table chat about tactics one can use to manifest more flow and happiness into one’s life and work.

Supply lists will be accessible 1 month before the  WORKSHOP starts. ~ $75 (or less if you have materials at home or signing up for more than one of the Vanessa Coplan workshops.)

**** Past Workshops ****

Demonstration of Watercolour on Acid Free Tissue Paper
HELD – Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 from 9:30am to 3:30pm
Carleton Place Arena, 2nd floor 

Monique Huneault, FOWS, will be giving a demonstration of watercolour on Acid Free Tissue Paper. The workshop includes all the steps that go into producing an artwork e.g. painting, drying times, gluing and so on.  Monique will also be discussing colours and showing how no two artists will see the same ‘scene’ in a painted tissue. This is a highly recommended workshop for all members not familiar with this art form or curious about how to ‘see into the abstract’ and the bonus is that being watercolour, clean-up is easy….just soap and water.  You will need to bring a notebook, your lunch and your questions.  Monique will be providing handouts.

Abstract Art Workshop with Mary Pfaff

HELD – Saturday, April 20th, 2019 from 9:30am to 4pm
Location: 1147 Ferguson Rd, Beckwith Township

This full day workshop will cover basic information relating to composition and theme and explore the meaning of abstract painting, and its importance as a means of self-expression and creativity. 
We will touch on the history of abstract painting, its methods, techniques and materials We’ll have an opportunity to see inspiring examples of abstract work by past and contemporary masters. 
You’ll discover the importance of underpainting, layering and glazing to bring structure and depth to your art. 
* All supplies are provided by the instructor however you are welcome to bring some favorite tools if you wish … and bring your lunch and notepad! 
Please bring a photograph of a piece of abstract work you admire.  It can be your own work or a favorite artist or both. You can also can bring a piece of unresolved work along.

To learn more about Mary Pfaff see –