Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton       Creating a sense of wonder with botanical sculptures

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Linda is an artist working out of her home studio in Almonte, Ontario, Canada.  Her current focus is creating botanical sculptures out of paper.

She has been creating art for most of her life, and making paper flowers for about 10 years. She earned her BFA from York University in Toronto.  Soon after her two kids were born, she started to create large scale paper flowers for displays.  Her house quickly filled up with them so she had to switch to a more realistic size!  At the same time, she was concentrating on making her flowers more and more botanically accurate.  She uses all sorts of paper and paint, along with glue and wire, in an effort to accurately recreate plants and flowers.  Linda mounts her finished flowers in shadow boxes, or displays them in jars, as this isolates them and presents them as botanical sculptures.

Linda loves to create a sense of wonder with her work, and to encourage respect for, and interest in, nature. She knows that many people have a strong emotional connection with flowers, and this is something she continues to explore.  Her future goal is to create larger shadow boxes that incorporate multiple species “growing” together. 

Linda creates paper flowers under her business name, Daydream Flowers.  She sells her work on her website, creates custom flowers for clients, offers paper flower making workshops, and participates in exhibits and sales.  In 2021 Linda was honoured to be invited to join the Paper Artist Collective, an international group of paper artists.  Linda’s work has been exhibited in Canada and the United States, and her pieces can be found in private collections around the world.

For more information about Linda’s creations or to contact her:

Web Address:
Instagram: @Daydream_Flowers

Sheryl Siddiqui

Sheryl Siddiqui       Creating art with joy and passion

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Sheryl has always consistently pursued art learning with every opportunity from a very young age.  This included a wide variety of art classes that commenced from her teen years.  While completing a Bachelor of Arts at Carleton University, she met abstract artist Lila Lewis Irving of Mississauga.  She inspired Sheryl to try abstract painting with fluid acrylic paint.  As her art progressed, she merged her love for acrylic paint on canvas with mixed media techniques, such as collage, oil stick, acrylic marker, ink pencil, and spray paint.  Sheryl feels that art should be enjoyed, and it is her goal to get as much of her art as possible out into the world.

Sheryl Siddiqui

She was awarded Third Honorable Mention in the 2021, Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition.  Winners were chosen by juror Juan Kelly owner of Nuart Gallery in Santa Fe from over 4,500 works of art.  She has been featured in several solo shows in Ottawa as well as participating in group shows.  One of her paintings titled Green Rooftops was featured as the image for an innovative green living housing complex in San Francisco, CA.  Sheryl was featured in two artist interviews with CBC Radio program, In Town and Out with Adrian Harwood and Ottawa Morning with Hallie Cotnam.  She recently completed two consecutive years of the Creative Visionary Art Mentoring Program which were created and led by artist Nicholas Wilton.  The programs offered creative coaching to artists in addition to art education.  These courses were incredibly transformative to Sheryl’s artistic journey.  Her creative process is now more spontaneous and authentic than ever before.  Joy and passion have also found their way into her daily routine as an artist.

To contact Sheryl or learn more about her art:

Instagram: artistsherylsidd

Clare Scharf

Clare Scharf      Painting local and famous landmarks

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Clare is the owner of CS25art and a high school senior, she has been doing art her whole life and specifically architecture art for the last three years.

All of her pieces are done with waterproof pens and watercolours.  She likes doing both local and famous landmarks, as well as commissions for homes and local businesses, selling both prints and originals

You can check out her social media to see more of her art and contact her:

Susan Gray

Susan Gray      Pushing the boundary between realism and abstraction  

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Susan and Portia

Susan Gray is a local artist.  She began painting years ago as a way to remain connected with her grandmother and indulge her creativity.  A move to beautiful British Columbia allowed her the opportunity to pursue art more seriously at the Vancouver Island School of Art while exploring the West coast art scene.  Susan is currently working in her home studio with many new pieces underway.

Susan is inspired by the beauty of nature, where the blending of colours and textures are random yet perfect.  She loves painting landscapes, usually of places she knows or has travelled to.  Re-creating these special places allows her to share it and to remain forever connected to it.

Recently she has been drawn into a more abstract style of landscapeShe loves pushing the boundary between realism and abstraction and some days finds herself in one, some days in the other!

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Roxanne Ward

Roxanne Ward      The beauty of lampworking is that it is a journey, not a destination

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Roxanne Ward, a retired nurse and researcher, has always found ways to explore her creative side.  In 2009 she began designing and fabricating unique jewellery pieces while experimenting with various techniques and combinations of materials and colours.  During her trip to Murano (Venice, Italy) in 2007, she was inspired by the glass artists’ masterpieces and was intrigued about the process involved in glass beadmaking.

Roxanne Ward

In 2014, Roxanne’s enduring curiosity about this ancient art brought her to the Glass Shoppe Studio where she took an Introduction to Lampworking class with teacher Grace Edwards.  Continuing to develop her skills, Roxanne attended many classes and workshops, including sessions with Karina Guévin, Jana Filípkova, Nancy Mirsky, and Zuzana Hron. 

Roxanne currently works out of her home studio in rural Ottawa, as well as her space within Loretta Studios and Gallery.  She and her husband Jeff engage in outdoor activities all year round.  While immersed in nature, Roxanne gathers inspiration and this experience informs her designs.

“The beauty of lampworking is that it is a journey, not a destination.”

To learn more about Roxanne’s work or to contact her:
Business Name:   Shiny Things by Roxanne


Etsy Shoppe:
Ottawa Handmade:
Loretta Studios and Gallery:

Alison Simser

Alison Simser     Spirited colour choices, purposeful brushstrokes and expressive texture  

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Alison is a contemporary painter, creating expressionist works of landscapes, animals and abstracts.  She is inspired by the shapes and rhythms of nature and the innocent charm of animals.  Also inspiring to her is colour and the way colours can play with each other – soothing combinations that calm, and striking contrasts that energize, are equally thrilling for her to work with.

Alison Simser

The daughter of an accomplished artist, her appreciation for art and art history began early in her teen years, when she started drawing and visiting art galleries with her father.  She is primarily a self-taught artist, with formal training in graphic design and photography.  Working out of her home studio and listening to music or true crime podcasts, she can often be found painting at her easel with two dogs at her feet!  When not painting, she is likely reading about it – she enjoys books about artists (past and present) and the creative process.

Painting is an explorative process for Alison and she is inclined to let her work evolve organically.  Her creative process is mainly about deconstructing the scene or subject, removing detail and building it back up through spirited colour choices, purposeful brushstrokes and expressive texture.

She paints subjects the way she feels them, so is less fussed with specifics and more focused on invoking sensation and spirit.  Her use of loose and lively brush work, shapes and lines gives her work a feeling of movement.  The end result is a dreamy scene, full of life and energy.  When looking at Alison’s work, she wishes the viewer to feel as though they are on the cusp of reality and a dream, with space and time to contemplate.

To learn more about Alison and her work:

Karen Mackay

Karen Wynne Mackay           Abstract, gestural art

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Karen W. Mackay is a contemporary artist best known for her abstract, gestural art.  She began her career as an artist over 25 years ago.  She is an Abstract artist, Calligrapher, Teacher and Guest Speaker.  

Karen W. Mackay

Karen has travelled to the United States and throughout Canada to attend workshops covering a variety of visual art disciplines. 

Gallery Representation:
Rothwell Gallery- Ottawa, Ontario


Recent Shows and Exhibits
• West Carleton Arts Society, “Expressions of Art” Exhibit, Carp, Ontario, Juried 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
• Spring Fling Show KCAG Gallery Kanata – Juried- 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018
• Nepean Fine Arts League Members Show, Ben Franklin Place, Ottawa – Juried -2018
• Group Exhibitions: City of Ottawa: Plant Bath Recreation Centre, Zola’s Restaurant, Verdara Cafe – 2019, 2017, 2016, 2015
• Nepean Sportsplex – Group Show – 2017-2018
• Red Trillium Studio Tour, Group Exhibition, Ottawa, Juried 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
• West Carleton Arts Society, Group Exhibition, Ottawa City Hall-2016

• West Carleton Arts Society – Past President
• Nepean Fine Arts League
• Arts Carleton Place
• Ottawa School of Art
• Arts Network Ottawa

To learn more about Karen’s art or contact her:


Barry Fawcett

Barry Fawcett                Catching the very essence of the subject

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From an early start in high school with an old 35mm camera, to his current use of a digital SLR camera and the time to pursue his passion for photography in retirement, Barry has been building his skills and portfolio for many years.

Barry Fawcett

Barry’s work displays his fascination with the play of light and shadow, and the patterns and lines that occur in the natural world.  Subject matter may be from half a world away or from his own backyard but in each picture Barry seeks to catch the very essence of the subject whether a temple, a bird, a flower, or a mollusk’s trail.  Through experimentation and ongoing study, Barry continues to explore the endless possibilities of digital enhancement to go beyond what the camera sees and better express his vision.

Barry was one of the founding member artists and Gallery Director at ArtScene Spencerville, an art gallery in Spencerville Ontario which was in operation from 2009 to 2019.  As well as exhibiting at ArtScene Spencerville he has had numerous solo shows in Ottawa and other locations in Eastern Ontario.

Prints are mounted on foam-core and matted with museum grade 8 ply mattes.  Frames are plain black.

For more information about Barry’s photography:


Steve Svarckopf

Steve Svarckopf    If it doesn’t pass, then into the fire it goes
“Custom Fire Wood” Creative Wood Art

Steve started working at Dofasco in Hamilton right out of school.  When he retired from there it wasn’t long before he realized that he had too much time on his hands, so he got a job driving a tour bus.  This took him all over North America.  When he retired again, he moved to Smiths’ Falls. Again he found himself at odds with too much idle time.  At this point he spent many winters in the Florida Keys.  Fishing kept him busy for four months of the year.  After that he found he had quite an interest in woodworking  and has spent many hours creating and fine tuning his new found talent

His success with local shows keeps him interested and always motivated to try new projects.  Lately he has incorporated exotic wood to improve his line of inventory which has proven to be even more of an asset .

Steve Svarckopf of “Custom Fire Wood” Creative Wood Art  … There is a sweet backstory to the company name.  Steve has quality control (which is his wife) if it doesn’t pass, then into the fire it goes.  But not these beautiful selections! They made the grade.

Both of the platters/boards are so pretty, you may wish to hang them on your wall!

To contact Steve about his Creative Wood Art:

Patti Clarke

Patti D. Clarke    Focusing on the light in the water and sky

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Patti D. Clarke taught primary children for over thirty years and now enjoys spending time with her family.  She has painted her whole life but last year had more time to focus on growing as an artist. 

Patti Clarke

Her passion is in painting acrylic landscapes and seascapes, and she wants to share the peace that this brings with others.  She hopes to inspire others to connect with the creation around us as she focuses on the light in the water and sky.  All work is original to the artist and is acrylic on canvas. 

To see more art by Patti or contact her:

Instagram: patti.clarke.104
Website: – Patti D. Clarke