Confirm Your Interest in Pleine Air Painting for 2021

If you are interested in this opportunity to join an outdoor painting group, contact Barb at  This group is independent from ACP but all are welcome.  Here is her message:

“Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all well and have at least one vaccination in your arm.  It has been a trying year and lets hope normal life, as we knew it, is coming soon.

As of yet there are no plans to start our Pleine Air, for two reasons, A-the weather and B-the lock down.  I think within the next couple of weeks A should improve and B should be revised.

Our winter group has been meeting every Thursday for hikes in the region, we have travelled from Renfrew almost to Smiths Falls, exploring every trail possible, in all weather.  We have maintained Social Distancing as required and have had a wonderful time.  Also have seen some amazing spots for Pleine Air .

We thought we would like to continue and combine the Hikes with our art work, travel light with minimal art supplies in a back pack and stay out a little longer than usual.  More to follow on this.

Please let me know whether you would like to continue to be part of the group ,my list is long, but few attend our get togethers.  Looking forward to a new season of art in the wild——cheers—-Barb”