Arts Carleton Place partners with local businesses and the city to showcase our members’ art. There are several venues displaying art in three month rotating exhibits. These locations also benefit from the beautiful, original visual art. The public can view the art at these locations during business hours as many pieces are in public areas.  Art may be purchased by contacting Arts Carleton Place.  Contact ACP 


Howard Kelford & DuBois (NEW), Artist:  Anne Forsythe


Smilez Dentistry, Artist: Alison Simser



Carambeck Community Centre, Artist: Not filled at this time.

Carleton Place Library – No Display at this time.

Businesses or other organizations wishing to showcase ACP art, as part of the Art-in-Public-Places partnership, are invited to contact the association.  Contact ACP

MEMBER Artists are Invited to Showcase Art at ‘Art in PP’ Locations
Arts Carleton Place displays member’s art, as noted above, and will be actively working to expand these locations.  These locations accommodate a variety of art sizes and our ‘Art in Public Places Team’ will assess the art (that’s why we need art images) and place pieces where they are displayed to their best advantage. ** IMPORTANT ** If an art piece is sold prior to your display time, simply advise the ArtInPP team that it is not available and you will (or will not) be substituting another piece. 
It’s a simple 1,2,3 process …

1.  Choose a time slot
2.  Choose your art (up to 6 pieces)

3.  Upload files and submit

Let’s get started …

1.  Choose a Time Slot
When you select a 3-month time slot, you will be able submit images of pieces to be displayed (or similar – we understand that for future time slots you may display art other than that submitted).
(If your work is photography, please photograph your printed work so we can see the final framing and print style – i.e. in glass, on canvas, on metal.)

Time slots available – Click on your choice.

Jan 15, 2022 – Apr 15, 2022

Apr 15, 2022 – Jul 15, 2022