2022 Arts Carleton Place – Annual General Meeting

Each year, the Arts Carleton Place (ACP) Board must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members.  
You are asked to VOTE on each of five motions
. See form at bottom.
At each AGM, ACP needs to legally complete three things, it must get approval, or not, for five significant resolutions.  This fulfills its legal obligations under the new Ontario Non-Profit Corporation Act (ONCA) launched in October 2021:

  1. Present an annual report to the members – Reminders A1 & A2 
  2. Dispense with an audit (more info below) – Reminder B
  3. Hold an election for new Board members – Reminder C1 & C2

For each of these items, you are requested to vote on one or more formal motions, which will then be recorded in the meeting’s minutes and formally filed in its Minute Book. To that end, members have received the required documentation by email including the motions that they need to vote on. Link to Email
This webpage has been set up for the AGM which will allow you to register your vote and make comments. 

FIRST, there are short Reminders of the fuller annual report information you were emailed, then
AT THE BOTTOM there is a form for you to vote on resolutions related to these items.

Since the law requires that at least 80% of you vote on Motion C, expect to be reminded if you have not voted by March 20th, end of day.

Financial Reminder A1- Annual Report

Financial Reminder A2 – Budget

Reminder B – Auditor

Audits are an independent assessment of your financial records and position. Under the new ONCA, there is more flexibility for small non-profits to waive the requirement for independent financial reports. At least 80% of ACP members, voting at the annual meeting, must agree by passing an ‘extraordinary’ resolution.  ACP will continue the same method of reporting on finances to its board and members, but it will not undertake additional costs to provide an independently verified document.  

Reminder C – Election of Directors

ACP is making some organizational changes.  The Board has set up an executive committee to oversee day-to-day operations: Chief Executive Officer (nonvoting member of the Board – Suzanne Deschênes), Chief Financial Officer (Danielle Barabé-Bussières), Membership Officer (Monique Huneault), Social Media Officer (Pam Stewart).  This team meets by exception, all activities are done electronically, and year end reports are included in the financial reports and a membership listing is include in the Minute Book, as per the requirements of the ONCA. Everyone can work from a distance saving all volunteers travel time and other office expenses.  The holders of these positions are basically unpaid employees and have no definite period for holding their respective position. This ensures stability in operations.

Board of Directors
ACP has never had enough participation on its Board to allow scheduled retirements after four years of service with new replacements found.  It would be ideal if 1/4 of the Directors could be elected new members each year.  Hopefully, 2022 will see this tide reversing allowing for the smooth transfer of knowledge for Directors and stability to the organization. The current Board is recommending the approval of:

Returning Directors:
Lee Thirlwall            (High School Liaison)
Laurette Lafleur       (photographers)
Stephanie Stevens    (Mudds)

Nominees for 2022 New Directorships, with their field of interest, include
Kathy Makinson       (jewellery and glass art)
Anne Forsythe         (wall art)
Carolyne Buchanan  (wall art and photography)
Susan Gray             (wall art and Art-in-Public Places)
Nancy Higham        (Town Singers)
April Judson            (wall art)
Janet Beath            (community outreach)